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Making your digital infrastructure safe is our business. That means you can focus on running yours.

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Infinity’s Tech Team is powered by the most trusted names in IT security, communications, and collaboration.

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We make your technology work for you.

WiFi is down? Got it. Email’s not syncing? Done. Someone downloaded ransomware? Handled. We’ve seen it all before and are ready to take on your digital to-do list today. 

Can I customize my service plan?

Absolutely. We let you choose the support you need. Whether you want us to handle all things IT support or you just need extra hands on a large project, our Tech Team is here to help.

How can you prove results?

Many businesses have no clue what they’re getting out of their partners, but we believe in honesty and transparency. We provide you with easy-to-read reports on the health and security of your enterprise. 

Where do we start?

Understanding your risk exposure is the first step. Our experts will sit down with you to assess your current situation, then come up with a unique gameplan tailored to your unique needs.

No business is one-size-fits-all, and we’re here to make sure you’re empowered to succeed.


Get IT support that speaks your language and provides real value.

Rapid Support

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Need custom solutions for your team? We can help!


Email security and reliability.

If you’re like most of the businesses we talk to, you’ve had some kind of issue with business email.

Deliverability issues like emails getting stuck in spam folders can cause customer service and communication breakdowns.  Security issues like malware and phishing attempts can leave a wide open back door to your systems. Disgruntled employees can try to leak valuable client data through their account.

Using the best tools in the game, we make sure that your emails send reliably, come from secure and professional accounts with monitored inboxes, and are protected from viruses and other malware. We can even train your employees on what a modern threat looks like, reinforcing your first line of defense.

Wifi and network security.

We all know that West Virginia internet can be a hassle – and often a big issue for small businesses. That’s why we partner with you to find the best way to make sure your network is accessible and running with maximum uptime. 

For our state to grow, more and more of us are becoming reliant on web-based tools, empowering us to reach new heights. Knowing you have a team that makes sure those tools are accessible and secure is one of the best ways you can keep facilitating that growth.

Our mission with WiFi and network security is to put power into your hands by using tools that monitor, report, and alert of any security threats or network downtime. That way we can take care of issues BEFORE they become a problem.

Remote tech support.

There are always times when something that you rely on “just doesn’t work”, and those times are when you lose efficiency, time, and money. We understand.

That’s why we are committed to providing you with quick communication and friendly service. We’re a quick message away.

Our commitment to responsive, reliable, results means that you can breathe easy – not keep thinking about taking a baseball bat to that pesky scanner.

Ransomware protection.

What is ransomware? Ransomware is malicious software (like a virus) that works its way through your infrasructure, grabbing all of your sensitive business information and holding it hostage. According to, the average ransom demand is $220,298

How do we help? The Infinity Tech Team helps you close and lock all the back doors to your data, monitor for suspicious activity, AND backup your business-critical data to multiple locations as often as you want.

Don’t risk losing the information that keeps your business going – even a couple hours of downtime can cost you significantly. Talk to our tech team about how we make security simple.


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Know that your IT support and security is in good hands.

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