Infinity political

Infinite ways to solve your campaign’s digital demands.
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Infinity political

Infinite ways to solve your campaign’s digital demands.
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Build A Small-Dollar Donor Base:

Using Email, Social Media, And Our Unique Strategy

Email Program Management:

Stand Out With Unique And Custom Emails, List Growth, and List Acquisition Strategies

Social Media Management:

Increase Your Following By Consistently Providing Engaging Content


CAll time training 

Optimize your call time with our comprehensive training

Website optimization:

Get more donations, volunteers, and visibility

pay per click campaigns:

Google, Facebook, and Other Social Platforms

ecommerce management: 

From Design to Delivery Using Union Products Only


Full service audio / video / print / Digital production:

Direct Mail

Radio / Podcast

Television / Video

Graphic Design



Outdoor Signage


Campaign management

Training & onboarding of Staff & volunteers

Manage all “Tier 1” contacts from voters via email queues and social messages, providing the appropriate soft skills needed to answer effectively while also driving opt-ins / donations. Escalation of contacts to POC as needed, with weekly reporting of contact drivers.

digital strategy

Creation of digital assets to facilitate fundraising, list growth, persuasion, and GOTV efforts across all social media channels including various IP/Cookie based direct targeting platforms.

cloud based communication

24/7 user administration and support to facilitate secure communications and best practices for all team members.

IT & security policies

24/7 security monitoring and technical support for core campaign members. Security audits ensure all vectors are covered. Hardware/software support for all devices, and general help desk support for all team members and volunteers.


In the 2018 election cycle, WV State Senator Richard Ojeda ran as a Democrat for Congress in WV-03. Starting off with a grassroots campaign funded almost entirely by small individual donations, he faced an uphill battle as West Virginias 3rd district is one of the reddest in the country, one that Trump won by 50+ points.

Ojeda and Infinity joined forces early on in the campaign and haven’t looked back since. Infinity covered nearly every aspect of the campaigns digital approach, including building and maintaining his site, running ads on social media, setting up an online platform, handling and fulfilling all merch orders, creating video content, and designing graphic material. 

With the help of Infinity, he was able to move the needle the other direction by 36 points. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to win but it was a larger change than any other Democrat in the country was able to make. 

Since then, he has decided to run for President of the United States and, thrilled with our work during his Congressional run, has kept Infinity as his digital team. Aside from continuing the same services, Infinity took on rebranding the campaign, including designing a new logo and new merchandise. 


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