Digital doesn't have
to be difficult.

Our team makes it infinitely easy.
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Digital doesn't have to be difficult.

Our team makes it infinitely easy.
Find Out How


Infinity Marketing Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Huntington, WV. We’re a progressive agency that forms close relationships with our clients and other forward-thinking organizations. As young professionals dissatisfied with the options presented before us, we decided to team up together to make a difference in our state by helping local businesses drive economic growth.


Infinity is a grass-roots firm founded with the mission of helping local businesses grow and adapt to changing modern business practices. With a passion for community outreach and a love of our home state, our goal is to always put the needs of our clients before our own. We believe that if enough like-minded and creative people work together we can not only change the lives of our community but ultimately the world.

What We Do

We provide strategic direction, creative design, and technical development for digital-based products and services. We specialize in digital advertising and data-driven tactics to help align customers and businesses for maximum effectiveness.

Find out what our team can do for yours.

Who We Work With

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(304) 208-8065  •  [email protected]
3554 Teays Valley Road #116, Hurricane, WV 25526