If you’re looking to expand your digital marketing game (and if you’re reading this – you are), this question has definitely crossed your mind.





Here at Infinity Marketing Solutions, we know that the answer is a resounding YES, and in this article, we are going to lay out exactly why. 









Why do companies use social media?





According to the ‘we are social’ and ‘Hootsuite’ global snapshot report from October, here are some of the reasons companies engage in social media. Every organization is looking to cultivate relationships, generate leads, or make sales, and with a solid presence, you can achieve any of these goals.

















Where do I start?





When you’re doing research on whether to launch social media for your brand, you want to know if it is worth the investment of time, energy, and funds. In order to make the best decision you can for your organization, there are a few very important considerations.









Is my target audience on social media?





Put simply: Yes. How do we know this is true? Let’s start by breaking down the numbers:









4.14 billion people





There are 7.8 billion people worldwide – and almost half of them are on social media regularly. These numbers are absolutely staggering and not only that, they are growing exponentially.





14 people per second





Right now, especially in light of world events in 2020, people are joining social media platforms in droves. This year has not only brought more folks onto the various social media platforms, it has increased the time spent logged in.





2.5 hours per day 





That’s how long the average person spends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat every, single, day. 





It isn’t hard to do the math here – no matter who you are trying to reach, from consumers to key decision-makers within the B2B realm, those folks are on social media. The next hurdle you will face in setting up your social media presence is picking the right channels to reach the specific folks who are likely to want what you have to offer.





(Source: DataReportal)









How do I know which social media channels to use?





When you work with Infinity Marketing Solutions on social media, this is where we step in. Our team of folks will consult with you to understand who your target audience is, what other folks in your industry are doing, and how to zero in on the perfect, channel-specific strategy for your company. 





It is incredibly important not to throw content at the wall and see what sticks: that trap means you are relying on getting lucky. We prefer to rely on the numbers. Here’s a peek into how we make the call on which channels are most appropriate for your venture.









(source: Buffer)





As you can see in the data above, each social media channel has its own base of demographics. We compare your current audience with your target audience and determine the channels best suited for your business. Our next step is to strategize on which channels would be most appropriate for your offerings, content, and the time investment needed to create a solid foundation and efficient growth plan for each. All that data is then compiled and delivered to you as an easy, approachable strategy. 





At Infinity we believe in setting our clients up for sustainable success, so you can rest assured that our unique system enables us to both set you up well, respond to challenges and changes, and iterate at every turn. This growth-driven, agile strategy is not only important when it comes to understanding where to find your audience, but also in understanding what content works the best: one of the biggest challenges for any businesses considering social media.









What should my business post about on social media?





You’ve heard it before: content is king – but what type of content should you focus on? We cultivate content in a way that centers the most important part of your business: your story. We consult with you to understand your values, vision, mission, and voice, then pair that with eye-catching branding that sets you apart from the crowd. 





Once we’ve worked with you to understand your venture and cultivate your story and style, we bring in the details. Using the social media Rule of Thirds, we set up a control system – a way to tell what actually WORKS – by being consistent, strategic, and focusing on what is most important.













Do I really have the time to pull this off? Is it worth it?





The numbers speak for themselves – social media is absolutely essential for the future of your business. The chart below is a spread of folks who use social media for brand research. Keep in mind that when the total number of users worldwide is in the BILLIONS, not using social media means that there is a LOT left on the table.









The biggest hurdle for most companies when it comes to social media is this: the time it takes to get good at organic social media doesn’t seem to outweigh the challenges of learning, implementing, and keeping up with the ever-changing climate of rules, algorithms, content creation…. etc.


That’s where we come in. When you work with Infinity, you have a team of experts on your side – folks who are ready and able to adapt to the challenges of cultivating the right-sized, efficient social media presence your business needs and deserves. We take the guesswork out of this process and eliminate the wasted hours and dollars that keep you from standing above the rest.


Get in touch with us today to find out how we can transform your social media presence. 







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